Drifters is a lite science fiction book by V. S. Holmes. It is the second of the Nel Bently Books. The story follows Dr. Annelise Bently, a hot-tempered lesbian archaeologist on the run from the law when she is framed for murder. She faces starvation, grief, ex-lovers, and the shady Institute for the Development of Humanity. Drifters will be published in November 2016 by Amphibian Press and is followed by Strangers. It takes place within the same universe as The Starsboro Chronicles by Cameron J. Quinn and the short story Starfall.

Back Blurb Edit

Archaeologist Nel Bently left Chile in the wake of murder, vandalism and UFO sightings. No sooner has the school semester started when cops are at her door. Accused of a murder she’s not certain is her fault, Nel has no choice but to go on the run. She starts a game of connect-the-dots across North America following her gut and clues left by her elusive alien-benefactor-turned-almost-girlfriend. 

Running from the law isn’t easy with only her field pack and a handful of scorned exes to depend on. Between starvation, untraceable texts, and a harrowing journey through the wilderness, Nel is forced to question everything about the science she loves and the people she trusted.

Main Characters Edit

Dr. Annelise Bently (Nel)

Dr. Michael Servais (Mikey)

Lin Nalawangsa

Annie Jones

Tabitha (Tabby)

Minor Characters Edit

Melinda Russel (Mindi)

Dr. Martin de Santos

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